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Amortech is a network of industry professionals and strategic partners that have combined forces to provide world class solutions. By leveraging the specialties of our partners we combine our entrepreneurial minds and unique talents to provide the best solution money can buy.

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We are a full-service creative digital agency that offers clients truly innovative designs and solutions to promote growth and success.


Located in the bustling neighborhood of Cranston, Calgary, come peruse our showroom and studio or check out our 3D printers, robots and more.


The sooner the better and we are available any time – so schedule your free consultation today. We are happy to take the time to review your needs.


While you are sitting idle – many of your competitors are pounding the pavement. If budget is an issue, ask about our financing options (on available credit). Why wait?

Official Finalist for the Breakout Business Award

This prestigious award is presented to the Calgary small business that has a proven track record of breakout performance, business growth and profitability in the last 3 years.

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Tools of the Trade

A peek at some of our advanced tools (and toys) we use to make your project shine. There isn't a project our workstations can't handle, an object our 3d printers can't produce, an image our camera's can't capture. Put our industry leading tools to the test!
Check out some of our staff trips and team building experiences (video by Amortech)

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