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October 10, 2012

Google Updates: EDM, Panda & Penguin

Leading search engine Google rolled out major updates in the past two weeks, all of which may directly be effecting (or improving) your search result standings. Google is known for deterring unfair webmasters from boosting their search engine results with unfair tactics which result in a bad experience for any user. These updates are targeting all the webmasters who have…
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August 14, 2011

Google +1 and SEO – What to expect

Google is by far the internet giant and has had strangle hold on much of the online market for the past decade. It is nearly impossible to find anyone in the western world who does know about the Google Search Engine. In fact its already finding placement in the dictionary with the ever popular verb phrase 'google it'. In addtion…
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August 3, 2011

Speed up Google indexing with GoogleBot Fetch

If you just recently made changes to your website then you most likely want Google to index it so you can see those changes in the search engines. Well now you don't have to sit back and wait, you can fetch the new content as a Googlebot using Google Webmaster Tools. With the Fetch as Googlebot URL submission tool, site…
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July 25, 2011

Google Places changes its User Reviews Model

Google's New Review Model Google made some announcements today that they will not be aggregating 3rd party reviews in to the place pages. They have now added a "write a review" button that is much more visible thus encouraging users to talk about your business. You may have noticed before that reviews from sites like Yelp would be merged in…