If you just recently made changes to your website then you most likely want Google to index it so you can see those changes in the search engines. Well now you don’t have to sit back and wait, you can fetch the new content as a Googlebot using Google Webmaster Tools.

With the Fetch as Googlebot URL submission tool, site owners and webmaster can manually send the Googlebot on a mission to index new content and urls. You can even have the bot do a full site scan if the entire website was just revamped. If your site content doesnt change very frequently its likely that the bots may only frequent your site on a monthly basis but with this new tool you can send them there within a day.

Here are the quick (and very easy) steps to sibmit a URL:

How to submit a URL
First, use Diagnostics > Fetch As Googlebot to fetch the URL you want to submit to Google. If the URL is successfully fetched you’ll see a new “Submit to index” link appear next to the fetched URL.Once you click “Submit to index” you’ll see a dialog box that allows you to choose whether you want to submit only the one URL, or that URL and all its linked pages.

When submitting individual URLs, we have a maximum limit of 50 submissions per week; when submitting URLs with all linked pages, the limit is 10 submissions per month.



If you want to submit things like images or video you should utilize the Sitemap as this tool is only for web search content ie text. You can use the generic tool to submit unverified URLs to the Googlebot by using the Crawl URL page; however the webmaster tools option is much more efficient and I’m sure the bots give these submissions precedence over generic blasts.

Be sure you or your webmaster takes advantage of these tools as you are only cheating yourself and your business if not.

Here is a video, though rather old, that features Google’s Matt Curtis as he discusses how long it takes a Googlebot to recrawl a page. Even though his answers give notion to a rather fast recrawl rate I have seen reindexing take well over a month so now you can speed this process up with new utilites from Google.

Amortech Conclusion

Amortech utilizes Google Webmaster Tools for every website we manage and take full advantage of the great insight and features that the program has to offer. Any time a change is made to your site we request a recrawl because what good is a change is the search engines don’t see it. This is just another one of the added perks you get when dealing with Amortech. We are one of the leading Calgary web development firms so contact us today to see what the Amortech advantage has to offer.


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