Amortech rolled out a new website this weekend! Version 2 of the AC Glass project and its jammed packed with sleek jQuery and HTML5 and based on the powerful ASP.NET framework.

AC Glass has been a client of Amortech’s for over 5 years and the old site we developed was based purely on Flash. The site got rave reviews from clients and contractors alike; however, SEO has been a major focus over the past few months and Flash based sites are not optimal candidates for high ranking websites. This coupled with Apple’s lack of support for Flash (that is an entirely different debate) led to a healthy conclusion of version 2. In a corporate workspace it is a good idea to revamp your website every few years anyways as so much changes technology and seo wise that you want be sure you are always one step ahead.

The new version boasts almost a dozen independant image carousels to showcase thier amazing work, a detailed image gallery with subcategories based on tpye of project, interactive Google maps API for quick location navigation, AJAX contact form and more. Highly optimized javascript code and css files with minified and cached to allow for lightning fast load times.

Checkout thier amazing work and be sure to contact them if you are in need of any glass, mirrors, handrails, showers or pretty much anything else glass related. They are by far the best in the business.

Amortech is a Calgary based web design firm that specializes in highly dynamic .NET website development coupled with detail SEO. If you like what what you see then contact us today.

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