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Calgary Web Design
March 7, 2012

Image File Formats for Web Design: The Rundown

  Whether you are full time designer or a first time user publishing your first website, the burden of deciphering what file format you want to save your image as will surely come up. Now that there are multiple applications for editing your images, mainly within the Adobe Creative Suite, there exist proprietary formats which are software dependent and simply…
Amortech NewsCalgary Web Design
December 30, 2011

Bison Credit Solutions New Site launch – Calgary Web Development

  Amortech launches anorther amazing web project for Alberta's top collection agency and debt recovery firm. This is a great example of our well rounded skills for delivering attractive and highly functional marketing pieces. Bison Credit Solutions Ltd (BCS) is a Calgary based collection agency and debt recovery firm that engages in collection management of active and delinquent accounts. Our…
Calgary Web Design
November 30, 2011

Intro to HTML5 Web Storage – Calgary Web Design Tips

Nowadays its virtually impossible to imagine web browsing without cookies enabled. All major web sites use cookies to store various identifying procedures, functions and state information. I'm sure at some point you have seen those messages from where a website is asking you to enable cookies for proper viewing experience. HTTP cookie (also known as a web cookie, or browser…
Calgary Web DesignSEO News
August 14, 2011

Google +1 and SEO – What to expect

Google is by far the internet giant and has had strangle hold on much of the online market for the past decade. It is nearly impossible to find anyone in the western world who does know about the Google Search Engine. In fact its already finding placement in the dictionary with the ever popular verb phrase 'google it'. In addtion…
Calgary Web DesignCoding Techniques
August 12, 2011

17 HTML5 Tips and Techniques

  The HTML5 revolution is moving fast and more and more browsers are taking full advantage of the great new features. We finally at a time where us developers can safely make the switch so here are some of the basic but powerful new features that HTML5 has to offer and tips and techniques to help along the way. 1.…