When it comes to initial growth, Google+ is jumping leaps and bounds over Facebook and Twitter. The milestone we see here is 10 million users in which Goolge met in just 16 days.

Thanks to a Google+ post by Leon Håland, we have a nice chart to refer to showing us that it took Twitter and Facebook almost 2 years to reach 10 million users and it took Google only 16 days. There were other factors hindering Facebook’s initial growth like the .edu addresses only and Twitter did take a while to catch on.

Another report that supports G+’s growth is from comScore. They say that over 20 million peoiple have visited Google+ in 21 days. Here are a couple charts visualizing these numbers:



As you can see Americans are the predominant group here but this does help show Google’s international reach. We all know that Google has over 1 billion people to market directly to so these numbers may be staggering but do come a little predictable.

Google has made a wise decision by making the app invite only as people always want what they can’t have.

On a final note check out this hilarious video:


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