Here is a great tip for any Visual Studio fans out there if you want to get intellisense working for jQuery.

You can simply drag-n-drop the jQuery library for your Solution Explorer to the opened .js file. Be sure you place it at the VERY beginning of the file – even before your comments or headers.


You intellisense should work now but confirm you have the refernce at the very top if not it should look like this: /// <reference path=”../jquery-1.5.8.js” />


Hope that helps!

Amortech Conclusion

At Amortech we use highly advanced web development tools such as the Visual Studio 2010 suite. There arent many Calgary web developers that utilize such tools which gives us a leading edge as we can integrate custom code from the very extensive .NET library in to any page and take advantage of the time saving features such as Master Pages and User Controls.


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